Attractions in and around Luseland

Threshing Machine Graveyard

Collected by Abe Olfert, this extensive collection includes a variety of makes and models of over 50 threshing machines.  The equipment is situated along a winding trail which allows you to drive past each item for easy viewing.  At the entrance is a small building which houses the guest book which has been signed by people from as far away as Germany and the United States.  The threshing machine graveyard is 4 miles South of Luseland on the Airport road, 1 mile East and another ½ mile South. Because you "drive around the display" it is accessible for everyone. The land is privately owned so please be sure to close the gate after you leave, as cattle are sometimes in the area.

Luseland Flower Garden

In 1997 the Luseland Garden Club began planting a flower garden on a vacant lot on Grand Avenue in Luseland.  Over the years the Flower Garden has grown to include a wide variety of perennials.  Each plant is marked with the plant's name which allows visitors viewing the plants to become familiar with the different species, and possibly make some choices on plants they may wish to have in their own personal garden.  Situated at 507 Grand Ave in Luseland, it is a riot of color from early spring to late fall and is well worth a visit.

Trout Ponds

Luseland offers two trout ponds for the fishing enthusiasts.  The Bell Trout Pond is part of the Bell Acres Golf and Country Club and is accessed by traveling South 1 mile on the 675 Grid, which is just west of Luseland. Turn East for 1/4 mile to arrive at the trout pond.  The second "fishing hole"is ½ mile east of Luseland on Highway 31, easily visible from the highway.  Licences are required for those over 16 and under 65, and are available at the Confectionary in town.


Historical Walking Tour

As a Saskatchewan Centennial Project, Luseland created an historical walking tour.  Tour Brochures are available at the Town Office, the Motel and the Museum.  Each brochure includes a map of the town with the historical points marked on the map.  You simply follow the map and either walk or drive from point to point. At each historical site there is a sign which gives details on the building, its history and other anecdotal information.  The brochure also gives the history of the street names in Luseland.  As it is a self-guided tour you can go at your own pace and enjoy the beauty and serenity of Luseland as you learn about its history.












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Hearts Hill

One of t he highest points in elevation in Saskatchewan is found west of Luseland.  Known as Hearts Hill,  it rises above the general land mass to a lofty height from which you can see for miles.  The general public is able to drive to the crest of the hill on a municipal road to enjoy t he view.  The adjoining pasture is privately owned and is not open to the public. To drive to Hearts Hill, travel West 8 miles on the 771 Grid then south 2 miles.  Turn west here and travel on the municipal road up and over the side of the hill.  A good grid road on the west side of the hill will return you to the 771 Grid.



Photos compliments of Kim & Bob Prieston

This native prairie park features an interpretive centre which incorporates a hand-painted mural of the prairie landscape and information panels explaining the history of the prairie, the types and growth patterns of the plants and the value of such native areas.  Also included is a large display of identification panels to assist a visitor in identifying the various species on the site.  The 2 acre site has an abundance of native species with markers indicating the plant names, color and blooming season.  The park is open year round with an every changing range of flowers in bloom including crocuses in spring, native prairie lilies and many, many more. 





As the park is the original school yard, a cairn has been placed commemorating the original Luseland school




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The park is situated in the 400 block of Griffin Street in Luseland.  Take a walk through our native prairie and enjoy the wonder of our prairie heritage.

Luseland and District Museum

Luseland was formed in 1910.  Our Museum has many business record books, letterheads, souvenirs, photos and histories of businesses and families from that early beginning to the present.  Thanks, also, to a library of history books of communities and areas of Saskatchewan, it creates an opportunity for those who are working on genealogy or searching for info of kin.  The Museum is home to pictures, photos and personal memorabilia of former residents: R. O Wyler, World Wheat King; Reine Kembel, an inductee of Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame and Vic Pearsall, famous pilot of the north and inductee of the Western Aviation Hall of Fame.  The Museum houses many very unique artifacts including a snowmobile, and 1928 Chev coupe.  The displays feature early prairie settlement including school, kitchen, store and pharmacy, hat shoppe, military uniforms, and medals, wedding dresses, barbershop, parlour, china, church sports and tools, farm machinery, wildlife, telephone switchboard and gift shop.

The museum is situated on Grand Ave and is noted for its cleanliness and displays.  It is wheelchair accessible and admission is by donations.

Hours: Saturday 1- 4 PM, May 1 to Oct 31.  For off hour visits or information please call 372-4258 or 372-4331.


Holy Rosary Shrine

St. Joseph's Colony, Saskatchewan

29 km north of Luseland on grid 675

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Hunting & Wildlife

The area is on the flyway for tens of thousands of birds that nest each year in the far north. The Canada Goose is the most common of the large birds including at least 63 species of songbirds, 19 species of birds of prey, 2 species of upland game birds and 46 species of water fowl. The area is also home to antelope, mule deer, white tail deer and moose.





Photos compliments of Kim & Bob Prieston

Luseland Bible Camp

c/o Box 71

Luseland, Saskatchewan S0L 2A0

Luseland Bible Camp celebrates it's 78th anniversary. Over the years the camp location has moved from tent meetings in Hearts Hill, to the Denzil area, the Luseland fair grounds, & to its current location in Burkes Grove approximately 8 kms from the town of Luseland. The 80 acre camp property is a place where friendships happen through fun times: wall climbing, crafts, campfires, wonderful meals, chapel talks, worship times, archery & pelletry, volley ball, a water slide, outdoor adventures, pool times & more... while campers learn about God & His plan for their lives. June school days were introduced two years ago, six camp weeks follow in July & August for campers ages 6-18 yrs. NEW this summer: the chapel should be completed, laser tag equipment will be part of each camp week & a slurpee machine in the tuck shop! LBC is owned & operated by CSSM (Canadian Sunday School Mission) and supported by our local communities. Pictures & happenings are listed &

For more information contact: Marilyn Kirk (372-4544) or Kurt Anderson (372-4131).


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