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Updated January 2012
When paving of town streets was undertaken the paved area of most streets was intended as driving lanes. It was intended that vehicles were to be parked off the pavement edge. Residents are reminded to park their vehicles off the pavement edge, or at least as close to the edge of the pavement as practical, to ensure clear traffic flow.

Update March 12, 2004

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Watering Restrictions

Due to volume demand on the water system, it is requested that watering restrictions be
Implemented. We request residents follow the following guidelines:


Watering of lawns and gardens can take place on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays.


Watering of lawns and gardens can take place on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays.

No watering of lawns or gardens should take place on Sundays to give demands on our system a rest. Watering should also be done at times other than In the heat of the day. Residents that have new grass are exempt.

When major water breaks occur on a weekend, we do our best to deal with an emergency to safeguard our infrastructure and protect our water supply. We then deal with notification when our office is opened. If you have further questions or concerns regarding the water shut off please contact the town office at 306-372-4218

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Pet owners have responsibilities. Dogs are licensed for the period January 1 to December 31 of each and every year. Numerous campaniles have been received with respect to dogs running at large and defecating on property owned by individuals other than their owners. In accordance with Town bylaw, please note the following responsibilities of dog owners:

"Every owner of a dog 6 months or older shall, not later that the 31st day of January in each year, or within thirty (30) days of becoming an owner of a dog, obtain a license for the said dog..."

"If a dog defecated on any public or private property other than the property of its owner, the owner of the dog shall cause such defecation to be removed immediately."

"No owner of a dog shall permit dog to run at large."

"When a dog is found running at large, its owner shall be deemed to have failed or refused to comply with the requirements of the..subsection."

Numerous complaints have also been received with respect to cats running at large. Please ensure that your cat is kept under control at all times so that the Town is not put in the position of having to take action to regulate cats.

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Pursuant to Town bylaw,

"A permit is required whenever work regulated by...(The uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act) is to be undertaken."

"No owner or agent of the owner shall work or authorize work or allow work to proceed on a project for which a permit is required unless valid permit exists for the work to be done."

To ensure that your are in compliance with town legislation, please check with the Town Office well in advance of beginning construction or alterations. Building permits must be approved at a meeting of Council before any work can commence. In the event that construction has commenced and the Town finds itself in the position where it cannot approve a permit for noncompliance with town zoning or building bylaws, the Town may obtain an order forcing town bylaw compliance; costs of such enforcement may be added to taxes payable on the subject property.

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$23 will be added to your quarterly utility bill.


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Garbage Pickup

Regular garbage pick up is Tuesday mornings.

Compostibles, leaves, grass, etc, is to be placed in clear plastic bags at the front of residences in order that the town crew can pick them up for delivery to the landfill. The following are the dates that Town crew will pick up Compostibles material in the fall on September 19 & October 3. For disposal of compost at other times you can contact the town Office. If anyone wishes to pick up compost material for their farms or gardens, contact the Town Office at 372-4218. Please remember to include only Compostibles materials in your clear plastic bags to be picked up. Tree branches & sticks, stones and regular garbage are no Compostibles.

The Public Works Department encourages residents to dispose of used oil by delivering it to the oil tank located beside the Public Works Shop situated on Strathcona Street.

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Luseland Waste Disposal Site

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Landfill Hours


9:00 a.m..- 12:00 noon

1:00 p.m- 4:00 p.m


1:00 pm - 4:00 p.m



9:00 a.m.- 12:00 noon

1:00 p.m- 4:00 p.m

Thursday 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

9:00 am– noon

1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m

We have had many requests to open the landfill at hours other than regular landfill hours. Meeting these requests has increased the landfill operator costs to the Town and, henceforth, there shall be a surcharge of $30.00 per hour, with a minimum 3 hours,for those who wish the landfill operator to attend at the landfill at other than the hours listed above.

Town crews will continue to pick up composting material from yards around town until there is no more debris to be collected.

We wish to caution all those delivering debris to the landfill site to ensure that your load is secure. The Rural Municipality of Progress has hired students to clean the ditches of the #711 between town and the landfill site and cooperation between the town and rural municipality is difficult when town residents do not respect the rural municipality's desire to maintain the appearance of their roads. Each of us has a responsibility to ensure that we do not leave a string of garbage from town to the landfill site.

Remember - All debris delivered to the landfill must be sorted.

To expedite the delivery of refuse to the landfill, landfill users should sort their materials at home into the following categories:

a) Wood, unpainted and untreated only;

b) Compostibles material, which includes all peelings, garden refuse, leaves, etc., but does not include containers or bags in which the material may be delivered to the landfill (If you deliver leaves, etc. to the landfill in plastic bags or other containers, you must empty the bags or other containers and place them on the appropriate pile or in the appropriate area.)

c) Metals, including metal bed frames; and
d) All other household garbage

signs have been erected at the landfill site indicating that there shall be no trespassing and no scavenging. In addition to liability issues that may arise from trespassers or scavengers, we currently have made arrangements with a contractor to remove all metals from our landfill site at no cost to the municipality. This is possible because the contractor receives the benefit of any metals that may be of value. We wish to continue this arrangement and scavengers who remove these types of metals put the Town at risk of losing this contractor and either having to accept the services of contractors who charge for their services or of refusing to accept metals at the landfill site.

September 2006 Update

Our composting program is enjoying some degree of success as there is compost ready for use for anyone to pick up at the Landfill. Unfortunately the compost pile that was started this year will not be useable as some landfill users have been discarding a large number of items, such as windshields, lattice and wood into the compost pile. These items do not break down and renders the other compost not useable as it needs to be sorted. Please remember to sort your items accordingly. The Landfill Attendant may inspect your compost to ensure that everything going into the compost pile can be composted.
Compost Items

Household Yard
Raw or cooked fruit &
vegetable wastes.
Grass clippings
Coffee grounds & filters Plant trimmings
Tea bags, egg shells,
bread & pasta.
Woody items such as squash vines &corn (shred if possible)

**N0 bones, fat or meat please.
  • Wood,twigs, pine cones, and noxious weeds such as scentless, chamomile, chickweed and portulaca should be separated from regular garbage and compost. It will be accepted on the
    wood pile at the landfill.
  • Composting can reduce our annual household waste sent to
    the Land fill by one third and our summer waste by as much as half. If you have any questions please call the Town Office or check out the composting section at
  • The Town Crew will be picking up compost items on Tuesday, September 19th and Tuesday, October 3rd. For disposal of compost at other times you can contact the Town Office for
    more information on private disposal services. A private service is available by calling Joe Brice(372-4133) or Mel Fidler (372-4780) to pick-up your compost at $1 per bag.
    Another option is to haul your own compost to the landfill during its regular hours of operation. If anyone wishes to pick-up compost material for their farms or gardens please
    contact the Town Office.
  • As fall approaches and the number of daylight hours begin to fade, so will the number of evenings that the Landfill is open. Please watch for upcoming information on revised landfill
    hours or call the Town Office for more information. We estimate that we will continue to stay open in the evenings until the end of September.
  • Please bring money or a cheque for tipping fees. Please note that the landfill attendant does not carry change.

    Please note that the landfill attendant does not carry change.

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BYLAW No. 2003-10


The Urban Municipality Act, 1984 Section 141

7. The burning of waste material is strictly prohibited within the municipality.

8. The burning of wood or charcoal in a back yard pit shall be permitted within the incorporated limits of the Town of Luseland where a proper burning facility is provided. The burning facility shall be constructed of metal, brick, concrete or other nonflammable material and so constructed to prevent the spreading of sparks or burning material, and any such use shall be under the direct supervision of an adult owner or occupant of the subject land or buildings.

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Business Licences

Local business owners pay property tax on their residential property and on their commercial property. Out-of-town businesses pay absolutely no taxes to the Town of Luseland and, therefore, are required to obtain a Town of Luseland Business Licence.

Section 3. of Town of Luseland Bylaw 2002-1 1, reads in part as follows:

No person shall carry on within the Town any business, industry, calling or occupation ....
unless he possesses a valid and subsisting licence for such purpose issued in accordance with the provisions of this bylaw.

In accordance with Section 4,

Persons required to be licensed under the provisions of this bylaw are those persons carrying on..... businesses, industries, callings or occupations..... who are not operating the businesses from property that is commercially assessed within the Town.

Pursuant to Section 9 (b):

Any person who contravenes any of the provisions of this bylaw or fails to comply therewith shall commit an offense and be liable to the penalty as herein provided.

It is every resident's responsibility, when you hire businesses from out of town, to ensure that those businesses have a town business license. Each business who has obtained a business license has been provided with a license document and must be able to produce it for inspection upon demand.

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the Public Works Department requests the following:

1. That snow from driveways and sidewalks be blown or dumped onto your property instead of onto the streets, sidewalks, boulevards or other individual's property;

2. That those removing snow from property adjacent to Grand Avenue refrain from pushing the snow into the ridge piled on the street as foreign objects such as rocks, wood, concrete, etc., have been known to cause serious damage to snow removal equipment; and

3. That those removing snow from Grand Avenue sidewalks in front of businesses throw snow onto the street well away from the gutter as this helps to keep the gutters from becoming hard-packed by parked vehicles before town crew can do final cleanup.

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Due to the number of complaints council has received,it has become necessary for the Nuisance Bylaw tobe rewritten and enforced. The main issues involved are junked vehicles, fire pits and unsightly
properties. It should be noted that infractions may incur a penalty of $100.00 for a first offence. There are restrictions on the number and condition of unlicensed vehicles that will be allowed to be
parked on properties. Fire pits are to be located on the land owner's property and only seasoned wood is to be burned. Burning of leaves, twigs, garden refuse or garbage of any sort is prohibited. Unsightly
property including property that becomes a breeding ground for weeds and pests is another issue that will be watched carefully. These regulations benefit everyone. No one wants rules and
regulations and if everyone would consider the health and welfare of their neighbors and the overall appearance of our community it wouldn't be necessary to take these measures. We hope that
everyone will co-operate so that it will not be necessary for the Town to take further action. If you have questions about the Nuisance Bylaw please contact the Town Office.

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Preventing the Spread of Dutch Elm Disease/Pruning Of Elm Trees

  • There is a pruning ban on from April 1 - August 31. Elm trees can be pruned during the ban if there has been severe wind damage and there is threat to person or property if they
    are not pruned immediately.
  • Trees can be cut down at any time. They should be cut to ground level and all cuttings should be taken to the landfill or disposal. If they are not cut to ground level any remaining
    bark should be burned off. The remaining stump should be treated with a mixture of 16 parts diesel: 1 part 2-4D. For more information contact Sask. Environment at 1-800-SASK ELM (306-727-5356) or check the following web site http://www.sdeda.

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FIRES IN TOWN: Fires are Permitted in Approved Backyard Fire pits. We do, however, ask that you be careful and keep a hose or water bucket handy in case a spark jumps
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