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The celebrations in Luseland on July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd turned out to be better than the committee could have hoped for. After 18 months of planning the Luseland Homecoming, Saskatchewan Centennial, Canada Day celebrations were an accomplishment the community could definitely be proud of.

Friday, July 1st began with a beautiful morning for the official opening to the weekend. Committee Co-chairpersons Marj Thrun and Donna Fowler thanked everyone involved on the committee as well as all the volunteers for their tireless efforts to ensure everything ran smoothly. The Mayor, Len Schlosser, thanked everyone for coming and congratulated the committee for their hard work. The Luseland Ensemble sang "The Luseland Song" which had been written in the 1920s by Mrs. Tom McConica Sr. As the Guides raised the flag, the crowd sang "O Canada, and hundreds of colorful balloons were released to start the weekend. The Town and the Pioneer Club invited everyone to join them for birthday cake and coffee at the Pioneer Club. The Pioneer Club also hosted a Bingo in the afternoon.

The Knights of Columbus and C.W.L. prepared a Pancake Breakfast for over 700 people this year. The Art Display at the hall consisted of photographs contributed by local residents. The Arts Council did a great job of setting up the display. Freda Geer set up a Native Cultural Display on the stage. The Registration desk was kept busy as well. There were Itineraries, Historical Walking Tour Maps, Registration for Slowpitch and the Amazing Race, T-shirts, pins, License Plates, etc. Everyone was asked to sign the Guest Book.

Town of Luseland Trade Tokens were available for $3 and will be redeemable at The Delta Co-op, Walz Shop-Easy, Kerr's Confectionery, Luseland Pharmacy, Royal George Hotel, Four Seasons Café, and Wagner's Hardware. Trade Tokens are still available for purchase at the Credit Union, Royal Bank, Canada Post and Town Office.

Twenty-two teams participated in the two-day double-knockout Mixed Slowpitch tournament. Ron Budd and his Broad Acres team defeated Jerald Purvis and The Koolers in the "A" final. The "B" final was captured by Landon Zimmer and his team who defeated Dean Heintz and the Luseland Agro.

There were many more activities at the fairgrounds. More than 1,900 people came through the gate over the two days. Many volunteers were needed to operate the Booth for the two days. The beer gardens was operated by the Luseland Wildlife with help from the Kinsmen, Kinettes, and other individuals. Entertainment was provided by Frank Beausoleil and friends. The beach volleyball court was in use most of the time. The children were entertained throughout the weekend. The "Cat in the Hat Train" (Remodeling of the Smurf Train was done by Brad Scholer and other volunteers). Thompson Bearing provided the Kubota RTV used to pull the train. The kids enjoyed the new version of the train and the adults had fun with the RTV. The fairgrounds were busy again on Saturday with many of the same activities, as well as two Astro Jumps for the kids and a petting zoo from Amanda Ubell of Dare to Dream farms.

The Library Board provided crafts for the children. Jean Halliday, Brenda Martfeld, Donna Holton, and Chrystal Thrun were on hand for face painting and balloon animals. An Obstacle course had the children finding Luseland on a map, matching grain samples, and finding the correct provincial symbols at different stations throughout the town. Kim McKenzie and friends provided a fun new way to learn about the many facts around us. A 3 on 3 Basketball tournament was held at the school courts.

The Chautauqua was entertainment for the whole family. The hall was packed with people coming to take part or be entertained by the many different talents that our community has to offer. Even though the power was out the program continued. Thanks to the quick thinking of a number of individuals with a generator … the show went on!

The fireworks were the biggest and best Luseland has ever seen. Bert Olfert and his crew (consisting of some of the Luseland firemen and others) provided over 40 minutes of an incredible display. Thank you to everyone who contributed in the donation boxes around town. Thank you also to Penn West Petroleum, Plains Marketing Canada, Luseland Credit Union, C.W.L.,and Randy Sander for their financial contributions.

Maps were provided for the self guided Historical Walking Tour. Many took part in the adventure of walking through our beautiful town and finding the various plaques that mark the location of Luseland's many historical landmarks. The plaques can still be viewed around town and maps are still available. The Luseland School was open for tours and many enjoyed the chance to check out the hallowed halls again. The Luseland Theatre held a display of art by our local artists.

Saturday started with a Continental Breakfast, which was sponsored by the RBC Financial Group. The breakfast was enjoyed by many and provided everyone with a chance to visit and renew acquaintances. The Parade began at 11:00 with just under 100 entries. The enthusiasm of the participants and the crowd was contagious. We were honored to have Jim Pattison act as our Grand Marshal. Jim and his wife Mary then checked out the exhibits at the hall and took time to stop and chat with many of the people in attendance. We were also honored to have Gerry Ritz and Jason Dearborn ride in our parade as well. Winners in each category were:

Commercial Floats Non-Commercial Floats Antique Vehicles

1st- Carol's Beauty Palace

1st- The Quilters 1st Jon Thompson
2nd- Dana's Garden Center 2nd- Bert Olfert 2nd - Carol Body
3rd -Royal Bank 3rd -The Library 3rd- Murray May


Horses Bikes

Parade Committee Choices

1st- Mr. Gartner 1st- Walter Zunti 1st- Luseland Swimming Pool
2nd- D & L Agency 2nd- Dave Wereschuk 2nd- ABC Playschool
3rd- Tara & Brad Body 3rd-Irvin Magnus 3rd- Luseland Legion Club

The Amazing Race was held on Grand Avenue with eight five-member teams participating. Team Holman managed to complete all the required tasks in the best time.

The Museum held a ceremony in honour of Jim Pattison with presentations of pins and license plates from the town, a Town of Luseland flag from the Canada Day Committee, and an honorary Museum membership from the Museum Board. Jimmy was promptly sent to "Jail" as part of the Jail and Bail set up by the Museum Board. Winner of the Museum Counting Contest was Wayne Osterhold and winner of the cookbook was Heather McKenzie.

A Beef on a Bun Supper was held at the hall and was very well attended. Over 500 people enjoyed the meal prepared by the Royal George Hotel. The event was to be a 'come and go' event but as everyone was enjoying the opportunity to visit again, no one wanted to leave. After the hall was cleared and set up for the evening's activities, over 300 people turned out to dance to "Flatland Slang".

The Luseland Bible Camp held an Open House to coincide with the Homecoming weekend. There were numerous activities including a Beef on a Bun supper, two guest speakers, and entertainment by the musical group "Double Portion".

A Fellowship Service was held at the hall on Sunday with all the churches of Luseland taking part. As well as the hymns sang by the entire congregation, everyone enjoyed the special pieces of music provided by Max Magnus, Tracy Olfert and Denise Herbst. Lunch followed and everyone in attendance agreed the service was the perfect way to end the weekend.

The Committee for this year's celebrations would like to thank everyone for their invaluable contributions. The many activities of the weekend could not have happened without your support. The efforts of everyone involved at the July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd events helped to prove what a great community we live in. The pride in our town was evident in many ways. From the Town Crew to everyone who helped out by volunteering, or mowing, planting, painting, flying a flag … Congratulations on a Great Job! We can all be proud of our country, our province, and especially our town.

Luseland Canada Day Committee



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